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    Chicken: Seasoned + Fried + Sauced


    Now Open For Dinner

  • Signature Fried Chicken

    24 hours of love = Juicy + Crispy + Delicious

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    Technique #32

    The crab pincer

    (Best when eating drumsticks)

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    Technique #7

    The inch by Inch

    (Most used when chicken is right out of the oil)

  • Drums & Flats

    24hr Brine + Twice Fried = Superior Chicken Wings

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    Elote Street Style Corn

    The Best way to eat corn Period!

  • Spices

    Enjoy specialty spice blends on your chicken and in your Wing Sauces.

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    Juicy Tenders

    24 hours of love for your boneless option

  • Come See us out in Euless!

    Click phone for Google Map Directions

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    4311 W. Pipeline Rd,

    Euless, TX 76040


    EAT: Monday - Friday 5 pm - 10 pm

    Saturday 3 pm - 10 pm

    Closed Sunday

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